Liberdade – they Journey begins …

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My passion is around creativity and design. As a business guy, in finance, this is not a common topic. 3 years ago i found this passion coming together in photography, and i love black & white. For last 3 years I have brought some things in place to get into my new lifestyle: i have bought more than 100 books about photography, i have bought a new camera with some lenses, i have bought my apple notebook with some software, i did some mini courses in photography and Lightroom. And i have followed a street theatre group in Liberdade, Sao Paulo, for 2 years in the weekends, to practise my photography skills and to learn the pitfalls and the tricks.

Some months ago i have moved from Sao Paulo to Panama, and i have just settled in and unpacked my camera and my notebook. I was reading my notes about my passions, my goals in life, and i decided to start this blog. To write down and share my journey of photography, my journey of discovering photography, developing my own style. And sharing how photography slowly but consistently claiming more and more time in my weekly agenda and in my thoughts, how it is changing my lifestyle and how it is giving me enormous positive energy. Maybe you have the same experience, my eyes are seeing different things than 3 years ago, it feels that they are trained to look differently, every minute of the day, the things i see look more beautiful and inspirational, it stimulated my creativity.

In this blog i like to share my weekly experiences on my journey of transformation. I am curious how my life will transform, being a business guy during the week, and a starting artist in the weekend. How will this new passion change my life?  I also like to share my pictures,my ideas and my thoughts. I will make references to my collection of books.

A book that was inspiring to me in this phase, and easy to read: “steal like an artist” from Austin Kleon. It gave my many practical ideas and insights on how i could work on my transformation from a economist to an photographer, an artist, by creating a style of my own, unlocking creativity. Its also a fun book, with nice quotes and pictures, black & white off course.


One comment

  1. luciledegodoy · February 28, 2015

    Welcome to the blogosphere my friend!! It’s great to have you here.
    I’m very happy to flow your journey and looking forward to ride along with you and see the world through your eyes as well.
    Cheers to the artist!
    Blog on!


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