My inspiration, Anton Corbijn

Fridge Inside_3

When I started 3 years ago, Anton Corbijn inspired me to create a black&white style for myself. I love his book STAR TRAK, and as a goal in life, i would like to buy a photo out of that book for my apartment. To see my inspiration every day. Some of my favourites pictures in the book: Michael Stipe (p7), Nike Cave (p41), Michael Schumacher (p94) and Billy Idol (p100). My eyes immediately go to the shadows, to the backgrounds, and to the dark and light areas of the photo. Additionally the emotion, the momentum, is very intense, it is real, it is energy. I can look to the pictures for hours.

Above picture, my two beautiful daughters Dinah & Rachel, approximate 6 years ago in California, tired in bed after their first long flight from Amsterdam to Los Angeles, reflect a little how i translate the style of Anton Corbijn into my own style. The picture is maybe too black, maybe not perfect, not set-up as in a studio. But for me its strong, with a beautiful moment. The girls went to bed after a hot shower with their hair still wet, a long flight, watching TV in a hotel room, with some blankets, being close together as sisters. Starting their holidays the next day, after a good night of sleep in a unknown hotel room.

My pictures are often very dark, and i try to make the picture simple, not too many details, and create a moment that is real and intense. I love to play with the black & white, in my own way, and discover and learn how to make it more powerful over the years. Anton, i can not imagine you will ever read this blog, but if so, any tips from the master are most welcome 🙂


One comment

  1. luciledegodoy · March 2, 2015

    It’s a powerful photo. I like it.
    Interesting to know who inspired you.


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