Orange is the new Black & White?

OranjeOranje BW

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Orange you glad it’s photo challenge time?.

My passion is black & white, but with the orange challenge i learned that an orange should not be black or white, clearly illustrated on above picture. So i started to google: are black & white colours? On i found 2 theories: 1. black is not a colour, white is (theory of light), 2. black is a colour, white is not (theory of pigment).

I googled more as i got confused: should an orange be black. And off course i found the Netflix series Orange is the new black. When i googled: should an orange be white, i found that i should not trow away the white parts when i peel an orange. Its healthy. Now i got a little desperate. Should i switch from B&W photography to colour?

Lucky enough i googled some more. And i found that we should never wear orange during an job interview. Black clothes convey leadership, white gives the feeling of being organised. Orange is the worst colour, 25% of the employers say it is associated with someone who is unprofessional.

So back to B&W: leadership and organised. I think that indeed is in the soul of a good B&W photo.



  1. LifestyleswithLia · March 9, 2015

    Interesting post! I personally love the color orange so I guess I’d be in trouble with the boss! Interesting too how black means leadership… Many New Yorkers wear black… It could subliminally be a way to climb the corporate ladder in the city?
    Cheers to both your photos, in B & W and in color!


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