Day 1 out of 5: Challenge

Fridge Inside

Thank you Lucile, my dear friend, for the 5 Photos / 5 Stories Black and White Photo Challenge. Lucile inspired me to start writing this blog, and so far i really enjoy it. Great to meet you all, great to chat with you about photography, thank you for your connection and your time to share ideas.

My first picture represents CHALLENGE. I made this picture in Indonesia, my two beautiful daughters at their first (and so far last) body surfing lesson. When i look at this picture, i always image the instructor saying “go there to catch a wave”, pointing in the direction of the danger. And Dinah (my oldest daughter) thinking “ok, i will do that” without seeing the waves as her board is blocking the view. She does not see the view of a beautiful but aggressive wave, waiting for the young surfers. Maybe she can hear the waves i never asked her. Rachel, my youngest, not in a hurry, slowly putting the line around her hand. Perhaps thinking “let my sister go first”. In the front of the picture you clearly see the white foam on the sea, indicating the sea is rough, its playing time.

I like some specifics contrasts in the picture: the black and white bodies and their different postures. The different kind of waves, coming together in one frame. And the intense White and Black color of the enormous waves in the background, waiting for the new surfers to get close. A big hand for my brave girls.

part of the 5 days photo challenge is to nominate every day a new person. As i’m just new on wordpress, i cannot nominate yet, my group of wordpress friends is still very limited. Sorry for that. I will try to find a person during next 5 days.



  1. desleyjane · March 10, 2015

    What a beautiful photo. I love black and white pictures at the beach, they inspire nostalgia and that makes me happy. I love how your daughter looks as she’s shielding herself with her board and that massive wave in the background! It’s a great photo all round.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Herman Hanssen · March 10, 2015

    Thank you !


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