Day 2 out of 5: Explore

Panama Nature_1 Panama Nature_2

Today i visited the Metropolitano Natural Parque in Panama. Three months ago I moved from Sao Paulo to Panama City, and since that time i did not took my camera. Today was the first day again that i went out to explore. In Sao Paulo i made lots of photos on the street: people, buildings, shadows of the city. Here in Panama i have started to look at nature. The city is not the same as in Sao Paulo, but i received something back: nature.

The Metropolitano Parque  was originated in the first Soil Management Plan for the Panama Canal Area in 1974. In 1983 the area where the park is today, was declared protected and recreational area. In 1989, the Metropolitan Natural Park became a center of training for the “Fuerza de Defensa de Panama” FFDD (Panama Military Force). Today the park preserve a natural area within the City which will contribute to the maintenance of the balance between the Park’s environment and the urban area, reducing pollution and maintaining a healthy environment.

Panama Nature_3

I love to walk around and explore. Looking at shapes & shadows. Many beautiful leaves and trees, with the sun trying to find some space to shine her light into the forrest. In the middle this jungle a bunker appeared. A building without windows, no sign of how the building was used in the past, no nothing. Only 2 doors, the main gate closed, but the side door open ! Not possible to go in as the entrance was blocked by a big hole filled with water. Later at the main gate of the park the guard explained that its not a good idea to go inside. Too dark, too many bats, dust, not good for health to go inside. Perhaps i should go back one time, with a flashlight, and explore the inside.


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  1. LifestyleswithLia · March 24, 2015

    Very lovely photos!


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