Day 4 out of 5: Ephemeral in Casco Viejo

CV 1_small CV 2_small CV 3_small CV 4_small

This morning i decided to go for an early photo-shoot at Casco Viejo, Panama City. Looking for a link with the theme of the week: Ephemeral. Always when I walk around, my eyes catch wall signs, and there are many. Graffiti, text, numbers, calculations, messages, signals, symbols, etc, etc.

The signs are somehow mysterious, referring to something that is often unclear. They serve or have served a purpose, they are most often handmade, they are temporary.  They are made by a person for a person. And they became part of the street image. But always temporary, just now, today. Tomorrow they can be gone, cleaned, overwritten, destroyed. No matter if their purpose has been served or not.

When I start shooting the signs, I wanted to make the pictures more interesting, so I decided to wait for passengers and shoot the moment they cross the sign. Above you see the result of today. Tomorrow I might go back again. To find new signs and to catch the moment of a person crossing it.

#blackandwhite #B&W #photoshooting #cascoviejo #panama #signs


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