Day 5 out of 5: MotorBoys

MotorBoys1_small MotorBoys2_smallMotorBoys3_small

I’m already looking for weeks to my two MotorBoys, the colourful toy which is made in China. The bike is red with yellow lines, the suits are blue, the helmets are yellow. And they are extremely cool 🙂 What to do with it? Since this morning they were just a funny item next to my books, now they are my new rock-stars, cool MotorBoys, my new characters for next weeks, driving around exploring the world. Perhaps not the world, perhaps just within a circle of 10km. I don’t know yet.

My idea is to make a series of the MotorBoys, so we can join them in their adventures, and being witness of the objects they counter. The first picture: a very old porcelain headphone-head, a reference to the traditional holiday pictures people take when seeing statues or monuments during their trip. In the second picture the MotorBoys drive on a wooden body-surf board out of the 70-ties with the flames of the design indicating movement.  In the last picture the MotorBoys driving in my apartment, the lines on the floor and the vague background could indicate they are in an urban area.

Lets see if next time i allow them to drive outside, in open air.
If you have any suggestion for the MotorBoys, let us know and we might go for it.

#motorboys #Hh #hermanhanssen #blackandwhite


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