Hotel Signs

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Last week I spent some days in Florence, Italy. A short break with my daughters, enjoying the beautiful historical evidences, tasting the amazing food and try to go as local as possible. I decided to not take my Nikon, just using my iPhone. I also decided not to take too many pictures of the typical highlights, although impressive, I just wanted to capture them with my eyes, not with my camera.

Off course you cannot leave Florence without climbing the Duomo’s Dome. Also ice-cream tasting is a must do. But we enjoyed walking around the streets, 2-3 times repeating the same streets over the days, to make sure we capture not only the obvious highlights but also the more hidden elements of the city.

The streets in Florence are very small, with high powerful medieval walls, the shadows and lights fall into the streets in a nostalgic way. There are some neon signs on the walls, mainly hotels and restaurants, but always in a humble way, the signs are there, but do not draw the attention away from the historical evidences. Most of the times the neon is even not working. And so it was nice to capture the signs of both sides of the street in one shot, with very often part of the signs mirrored as they are meant for the passengers coming from the other direction. The signs are simple and elegant. The streets are authentic. I enjoyed walking around the streets to hunt for the signs, I experienced a new way of exploring a city, a new way of looking at street photography. Thank you Florence !

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