Orange is the new Black & White?

OranjeOranje BW

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Orange you glad it’s photo challenge time?.

My passion is black & white, but with the orange challenge i learned that an orange should not be black or white, clearly illustrated on above picture. So i started to google: are black & white colours? On i found 2 theories: 1. black is not a colour, white is (theory of light), 2. black is a colour, white is not (theory of pigment).

I googled more as i got confused: should an orange be black. And off course i found the Netflix series Orange is the new black. When i googled: should an orange be white, i found that i should not trow away the white parts when i peel an orange. Its healthy. Now i got a little desperate. Should i switch from B&W photography to colour?

Lucky enough i googled some more. And i found that we should never wear orange during an job interview. Black clothes convey leadership, white gives the feeling of being organised. Orange is the worst colour, 25% of the employers say it is associated with someone who is unprofessional.

So back to B&W: leadership and organised. I think that indeed is in the soul of a good B&W photo.


Rhino Reward

2014 Afrika 10_small

I love to travel and where-ever i go, i try to translate the environment into my black&white view. I was in Africa some time ago, and saw Africa’s beautiful nature and her wealth of colours. With my black&white view, i wanted to capture the beauty of Africa, not focusing on the colours, but on the animals in black, the light that falls on them and the moment they are in. We saw a family of 4 beautiful rhino’s, enjoying some grassland in the sun. The sun is giving a nice contour around the bodies, especially at their hairy ears. The details of the grass gives away the momentum, peacefulness, doing the necessary thing of the day: eating. This picture was a great reward of making the trip, and spending pleasantly hours in nature.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Reward.”